Coronavirus: COVID-19 Total Cases: 11,230,115
Total Deaths: 529,882 Total Recovered: 6,372,607

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There are currently total of 8921 cases and out of which 532 are active cases in Norway. Total number of people died due to coronavirus are 251 and total of 8138 people have recovered from this deadly virus. Right now 3 cases are in critical condition.
We urge you to take basic protective measures against the new coronavirus. Stay aware of the latest information on the COVID-19 outbreak, available on the WHO website and through your national & local public health authority.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases Live Updates Worldwide

#CountryConfirmedActiveDeathsRecoveredCriticalToday CasesToday Deaths
1USA USA2,892,0961,524,015132,1161,235,96515,9281,50815
2Brazil Brazil1,545,458503,54863,295978,6158,3182,11741
3Russia Russia674,515217,60910,027446,8792,3006,632168
4India India651,315237,04218,695395,5788,9441,42626
5Spain Spain297,625269,24028,385061700
6Peru Peru295,59999,52110,226185,8521,21000
7Chile Chile288,08928,6956,051253,3432,09900
8UK UK284,276240,14544,131027900
9Mexico Mexico245,25168,20329,843147,2053786,740654
10Italy Italy241,18414,88434,833191,4677900
11Iran Iran237,87827,52111,408198,9493,1362,449148
12Pakistan Pakistan225,28395,5704,619125,0942,4603,38768
13Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia205,92960,8151,858143,2562,2954,12856
14Turkey Turkey203,45619,9925,186178,2781,08200
15Germany Germany197,2106,8369,074181,3003182101
16South Africa South Africa177,12487,8742,95286,29853900
17France France166,96060,00729,89377,06056000
18Bangladesh Bangladesh159,67986,9611,99770,72113,28829
19Colombia Colombia109,50560,3943,77745,33433500
20Canada Canada105,09127,7358,66368,6932,11800
21Qatar Qatar99,1838,67312390,3871765302
22China China83,5454024,63478,509530
23Argentina Argentina72,78645,4031,45325,930620016
24Egypt Egypt72,71149,8203,20119,6904100
25Sweden Sweden71,41965,9995,420012400
26Belarus Belarus63,27012,18341850,669892736
27Indonesia Indonesia62,14230,8343,08928,21901,44753
28Belgium Belgium61,83834,9769,77117,091321116
29Ecuador Ecuador60,65727,5664,70028,39128800
30Iraq Iraq56,02024,1582,26229,60033800
31UAE UAE50,85710,67932139,85717163
32Netherlands Netherlands50,33544,2226,11302800
33Kuwait Kuwait49,3038,99536539,9431446315
34Ukraine Ukraine47,67725,3351,22721,11510291415
35Kazakhstan Kazakhstan45,71918,78118826,7501211,6440
36Oman Oman45,10617,93520326,9681161,17710
37Singapore Singapore44,6644,8692639,76911850
38Portugal Portugal43,56913,1921,60528,772734137
39Philippines Philippines41,83029,0871,29011,4531661,49410
40Bolivia Bolivia36,81824,7321,32010,766711,29049
41Panama Panama35,99518,35269816,94514600
42Poland Poland35,71911,0801,51223,127743145
43Dominican Republic Dominican Republic35,14815,98177518,39219300
44Afghanistan Afghanistan32,67212,68282619,164293487
45Switzerland Switzerland32,1981,0331,96529,20015970
46Romania Romania28,5826,9971,73119,85422341623
47Bahrain Bahrain28,4104,9979523,3184800
48Israel Israel28,05510,06032617,6697700
49Armenia Armenia27,90011,48847715,935105808
50Nigeria Nigeria27,56415,86762811,069700
51Ireland Ireland25,4983941,74023,3641200
52Honduras Honduras22,11619,2616052,2505899614
53Guatemala Guatemala21,29317,0988803,315500
54Ghana Ghana19,3884,94111714,330600
55Azerbaijan Azerbaijan19,2678,21223510,8206600
56Japan Japan19,0681,22697616,8663300
57Austria Austria18,16585370516,60781150
58Moldova Moldova17,4456,77657610,09343804
59Serbia Serbia15,5042,14229813,0648500
60Nepal Nepal15,2599,084326,143000
61Algeria Algeria15,0703,30193710,8325400
62Morocco Morocco13,4343,9882329,21471462
63S. Korea S. Korea13,03093628311,81115631
64Denmark Denmark12,83240960611,817600
65Cameroon Cameroon12,5922,17931310,1005200
66Czechia Czechia12,3194,1183537,8481200
67Ivory Coast Ivory Coast10,2445,448704,726000
68Sudan Sudan9,6634,4356044,624000
69Uzbekistan Uzbekistan9,5003,220296,251241040
70Norway Norway8,9215322518,138300
71Malaysia Malaysia8,658761218,4612100
72Australia Australia8,3629031047,35541070
73El Salvador El Salvador7,5072,8632104,4342152408
74DRC DRC7,3794,2361822,9610683
75Finland Finland7,2482193296,700060
76Kenya Kenya7,1884,8861542,1482900
77Senegal Senegal7,1642,3731254,6663800
78Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan7,0944,302782,714243272
79North Macedonia North Macedonia6,7873,5833282,8765500
80Venezuela Venezuela6,5374,378592,1001100
81Haiti Haiti6,2304,8341101,28601290
82Tajikistan Tajikistan6,0581,316524,690000
83Ethiopia Ethiopia5,8463,3131032,4303500
84Gabon Gabon5,6203,021442,5551000
85Guinea Guinea5,5211,042334,4462400
86Bulgaria Bulgaria5,4972,3662392,8922900
87Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina4,9622,2211912,550400
88Djibouti Djibouti4,736101554,580000
89Mauritania Mauritania4,7052,8111291,7652100
90French Guiana French Guiana4,5582,765161,7772600
91Luxembourg Luxembourg4,4473211104,016300
92Costa Rica Costa Rica4,3112,636181,6571000
93Hungary Hungary4,1748015892,784821
94CAR CAR3,9183,0114885985900
95Palestine Palestine3,5993,1241246302651
96Greece Greece3,4861,9201921,374800
97Thailand Thailand3,18561583,066150
98Croatia Croatia3,0947981132,1833861
99Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea3,0712,17851842000
100Somalia Somalia2,9441,90390951200
101Albania Albania2,8191,108741,6378672
102Madagascar Madagascar2,7281,621291,078312163
103Mayotte Mayotte2,661251352,375300
104Nicaragua Nicaragua2,5191,198831,238000
105Maldives Maldives2,410424101,9761200
106Cuba Cuba2,36151862,224100
107Paraguay Paraguay2,3491,217191,113400
108Mali Mali2,2856611171,507000
109Sri Lanka Sri Lanka2,069195111,863100
110South Sudan South Sudan2,0211,65038333000
111Estonia Estonia1,99354691,870220
112Iceland Iceland1,85513101,832000
113Lithuania Lithuania1,831207791,5451530
114Lebanon Lebanon1,830503351,292500
115Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau1,7651,06425676500
116Slovakia Slovakia1,749255281,4663290
117Slovenia Slovenia1,6791841111,3840290
118Zambia Zambia1,632254301,348100
119Congo Congo1,5571,01244501000
120New Zealand New Zealand1,53018221,490100
121Sierra Leone Sierra Leone1,524420621,042000
122Malawi Malawi1,4981,16516317400
123Cabo Verde Cabo Verde1,38273815629000
124Hong Kong Hong Kong1,24811671,125100
125Yemen Yemen1,240369335536000
126Benin Benin1,19984521333100
127Tunisia Tunisia1,18186501,045000
128Jordan Jordan1,14724010897300
129Latvia Latvia1,12393301,000110
130Niger Niger1,0825168963000
131Rwanda Rwanda1,0815663512000
132Cyprus Cyprus99914119839000
133Burkina Faso Burkina Faso9807553852000
134Uruguay Uruguay9528728837100
135Georgia Georgia94610615825530
136Mozambique Mozambique9396846249000
137Uganda Uganda9275908680160
138Libya Libya91866127230000
139Eswatini Eswatini90938113515500
140Chad Chad8711174786000
141Andorra Andorra855352800000
142Liberia Liberia83345037346000
143Jamaica Jamaica72114610565060
144Sao Tome and Principe Sao Tome and Principe71943913267000
145Diamond Princess Diamond Princess7124813651400
146San Marino San Marino698042656000
147Malta Malta672139650000
148Togo Togo67123314424200
149Montenegro Montenegro66333513315000
150Zimbabwe Zimbabwe6254427176000
151Channel Islands Channel Islands5711247512000
152Suriname Suriname56128113267700
153Réunion Réunion533592472300
154Tanzania Tanzania50930521183700
155Taiwan Taiwan44947438000
156Namibia Namibia3753500251250
157Vietnam Vietnam355150340100
158Mauritius Mauritius341110330000
159Isle of Man Isle of Man336024312000
160Angola Angola32820318107600
161Syria Syria32819510123000
162Comoros Comoros309617241000
163Myanmar Myanmar306636237000
164Botswana Botswana277247129100
165Guyana Guyana25612514117100
166Martinique Martinique2491371498500
167Mongolia Mongolia220370183600
168Eritrea Eritrea215159056000
169Cayman Islands Cayman Islands20161194000
170Burundi Burundi191721118000
171Faeroe Islands Faeroe Islands18700187000
172Guadeloupe Guadeloupe1841314157400
173Gibraltar Gibraltar17820176000
174Bermuda Bermuda14609137100
175Brunei Brunei14103138000
176Cambodia Cambodia141100131100
177Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago13078115000
178Monaco Monaco1067495000
179Aruba Aruba1043398000
180Bahamas Bahamas10441189100
181Barbados Barbados970790000
182Liechtenstein Liechtenstein831181000
183Seychelles Seychelles8170011000
184Bhutan Bhutan7827051010
185Sint Maarten Sint Maarten7801563010
186Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda6842323100
187French Polynesia French Polynesia622060000
188Gambia Gambia5526227000
189Macao Macao461045000
190Turks and Caicos Turks and Caicos4532211010
191Saint Martin Saint Martin433337100
192Lesotho Lesotho3524011000
193Belize Belize309219020
194St. Vincent Grenadines St. Vincent Grenadines290029000
195Timor-Leste Timor-Leste240024000
196Curaçao Curaçao233119000
197Grenada Grenada230023000
198Saint Lucia Saint Lucia223019000
199New Caledonia New Caledonia210021000
200Laos Laos190019000
201Dominica Dominica180018000
202Fiji Fiji180018000
203Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Kitts and Nevis150015000
204Falkland Islands Falkland Islands130013000
205Greenland Greenland130013000
206Vatican City Vatican City120012000
207Montserrat Montserrat110110000
208Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea11308000
209Western Sahara Western Sahara10118000
210MS Zaandam MS Zaandam9720000
211British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands8017000
212Caribbean Netherlands Caribbean Netherlands7007000
213St. Barth St. Barth6006000
214Anguilla Anguilla3003000
215Saint Pierre Miquelon Saint Pierre Miquelon1001000

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