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americanexpress com confirmcard is the official website of American Express to help all the customers in verifying their credit card with final confirmation. When you have problems checking your AMEX card online fall flat, the americanexpress.com/confirmcard website must get you into and out of.

There are many vital and crucial things you must know about your AMEX Card apart from just a confirmation link.

Surprisingly it is quite common that most of us know that a this american express credit card can also be confirmed with your American Express card using your personal Smartphone.

The guide includes all relevant useful information for an easy confirmation and activation of your AMEX Card on americanexpress.com/confirmcard. Some of the information includes:

  • How to Active American Express confirm card?
  • How to Confirm AMEX card via online at americanexpress.com/confirmcard?
  • How to Confirm your American Express Card via Smartphone?

Let’s explore the above mentioned AMEX card Activation and confirmation process in details.


  1. Things to Required to Confirm American Express Credit Card
  2. American Express Card Eligibility Conditions
  3. Activate AMEX Confirm Card by Online
  4. Activate/Confirm American Express Credit Card By Phone Number
  5. American Express Card Facilities
  6. American Express Important Contact Number
  7. AmericanExpress.com confirmcard FAQs
    1. Is it necessary to activate the Amex Gift cards?
    2. What does the 4-digit number on Amex Card signify?
    3. What is the American Express card’s security PIN?
    4. How to activate your Amex Credit Card?
    5. What is the toll-free number for confirmation of the American credit card?
    6. How to confirm the Amex card online?
    7. Why Amex card online confirmation is denied?
    8. When does a new Amex card arrive?
    9. How to redeem Amex cashback?
    10. How to calculate 10,000 Amex points?
    11. How to pay your Amex Credit Card?
    12. Can two Amex accounts be merged?
  8. About American Express

Things to Required to Confirm American Express Credit Card

  • Received Amex Credit Card
  • Your E-mail address to register
  • Your personal details [Name, address, contact info, birth date, zip code, etc.]
  • The 15-digit activation code of your Amex Card
  • The 4 important security codes
  • Mother’s middle name

American Express Card Eligibility Conditions

  • You need to have the citizenship of the US
  • Age has to be 18 years and more
  • Your credit score has to be clean or high
  • No bankruptcy in your credit history of the last 7 years
  • No legal cases associated with finance 
  • Filled Amex Card application form on americanexpress com confirmcard

How to Confirm your American Express Card Online

  1. Go to the webpage americanexpress.com/confirmcard.
  2. You will see the first page, where an image resembling the americanexpress/confirmcard.

3. Fill in the details as asked in the image.
4. Click the ‘Continue’ button.
5. You will be directed to another page, where you will need to log in or register.
6. If you have an account on www.americanexpress.com, then log in and carry on, but new users need to get registered first.
7. Login to your account and confirm your card after verifying the details displayed on the screen.
8. Check if the details are correct before you click the ‘Finish’ button.
9. A message will be displayed that your american express card is confirmed.
10. You will receive a text on the registered mobile number the moment your card is confirmed.

Congratulations! Your Confirm American Express Card Online has successfully been completed. 

How to Confirm your American Express Card on Phone?

  1. Call the toll free number – 1-800-362-6033
  2. Listen carefully to select a preferred language.
  3. After selecting the language, choose the card confirmation option.
  4. Provide your personal information and the card details as asked.
  5. After your shared information gets verified with your records, you get an instant confirmation or card activation.

These are the two easy and authentic process to activate your AMEX Credit Card

American Express Credit Card Categories for Business and Personal

What Are the Facilities of Americanexpress.com Confirmcard – Facilities

  1. Your credit score can be checked at any time.
  2. Your points get accumulated in your account, which can be viewed easily.
  3. American Express mobile app is reliable, secure and user-friendly.
  4. Points can be earned using Uber rides.
  5. Points can be used directly when swiping the card for purchases.
  6. The purchase of gas via the Plenti Reward Program allows you to receive more points.
  7. You can earn points by booking flight tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals, etc. using your Amex credit card.
  8. Unlimited fun in the form of cash-back offers, rewards and exchange coupons can be enjoyed.
  9. Amex credit card can be used 24/7 at different stores.
  10. The card can easily be redeemed in emergencies.

Information for American Express Premium Cards:

If you are determined to get Amex Premium Card, then its annual fee is around $782 plus taxes. Besides, the facilities of American Express Cards mentioned above, premium cardholders can gain extra beneficial services associated with traveling. It includes medical insurance, purchase protection, and travel accident coverage. To be a fortunate traveler to attain this card, you need to be eligible.

The criteria for eligibility are –

  • The applicant has t be 18 years or more.
  • A good credit history without any default.
  • The minimum experience is 12 months.

American Express Confirm Cards Important Contact Numbers and working hours

Credit cards Contact Details: 1-800-528-4800 (24 Hours, 365 Days)
You can Apply by phone: 1-800-243-3888 (365 Days, 6 am to 2 am ET)
Pay your Amex Card bill: 1-800-472-9297 (24 Hours, 365 Days)
Get Cash in Advance: 1-800-227-4669 (24 Hours, 365 Days)
American Express Gift Card: 1-877-297-4438 (365 Days, 8 am to midnight ET)
American Express Prepaid: 1-866-207-7970 (24 Hours, 365 Days)

AmericanExpress.com confirmcard FAQs

Question: What Does The 4-Digit Number On Amex Card Signify?
Answer: The 4-digit number is the CID security code not printed on the magnetic strip of your card.

Question: What is the American Express card’s security PIN?
Answer: The PIN is the four-digit personal ID number of Amex Cardholder. PIN ensures that that the credit card belongs to the rightful owner.

Question: How to activate your Amex Credit Card?
Answer: It can be achieved with two easy and free methods – by phone or online.

Question: What is the toll-free number for confirmation of the American credit card?
Answer: You can just call the toll free number – 1-800-362-6033

Question: How to confirm the Amex card online?
Answer: Visit the official website of American express and provide the details as asked. The link is americanexpress.com/confirmcard.

Question: Why Amex card online confirmation is denied?
Answer: It can be due to violations of certain details like number invalid, the account is closed or the card has expired.

Question: When does a new Amex card arrive?
Answer: It takes around 7 to 10 days for the white envelope having the official American express Card to reach your doorstep.

Question: How to redeem Amex cashback?
Answer: Cashback offer can be redeemed on the completion of one year of your card issuance date. It can be redeemed on eligible purchases like gas, supermarket etc. or can also be transferred into your bank account.

Question: How to calculate 10,000 Amex points?
Answer: The worth of Amex points depends on the way it gets redeemed. For travel purposes, each Amex point is worth around 0.5 – 1 cent.

Question: How to pay your Amex Credit Card?
Answer: Visit www.billdesk.com, enter the 15-digit activation code, choose a payment option, select the bank, and make the payment.

Question: Can two Amex accounts be merged?
Answer: Yes, two or more Amex accounts can be merged into one.

Know More About American Express

The financial corporation American Express has its headquarters in New York’s Three World Financial Center. It is offering financial services almost across the world in different forms like credit cards, prepaid cards, and travelers’ cheque. Right from 1850, the financial corporation has come a long way, incorporating other active companies and introducing a plethora of American express products, as they progressed. 

Today, American Express has become a leader in issuing credit cards and traveler’s cheques for personal users, corporate world, and small businesses. At the beginning of the 21st century, the offices of American express were spread across 40 countries. In the Interbrand world ranking, Amex has acknowledged the 25th position in 2016 and 2017, and the Fortune ranked it as the 17th most admired financial company in the world. 

Different kinds of Amex Cards are available in the US, but there are three kinds of charge cards that are ideal for high-end users. Partner cards offer cardholders the flexibility to benefit from American Express partner companies, but it is suggested that you know the terms and conditions valid for making payments. 

Just visit the American Express official website to learn about the different kinds of reward credit cards, and how to accumulate Amex Points. Also, find out what are the unsaid benefits of having an Amex Credit card.


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